The Extensive Experiences and Knowledge of Dixon Chen in Finance Management

Dixon Chen

Dixon Chen is currently a successful general accountant at WUMING POLY Mining from September 2013. He achieved success not because he has connections or something like that, but work his way up from the bottom.

After he graduated at the Jimei University taking up Bachelor of Finance, Tax and Finance from 1997 to 2001, and passed the exams, he immediately worked as an accountant at Xiamen Foda Limited for 6 months, from January 2011 to June 2001. His colleagues have seen the quality work and dedication of Dixon Chen, that’s why he was promoted as the Senior Accountant of the company, from July 1 to October 2002. He was the head of the finance control of the Xiamen four branches as well as the finance administration at the head office.

On October 2002, he was offered a better job to work as the Senior Accountant or Assistant to the FD. He assisted the FD with the finance management, as well as the related reporting to the headquarters located in China for over 6 years. After a year, January 2009, Dixon Chen worked as the Finance Director at Sinoprima Investment and Manufacturing, where he is responsible for the entire Accounts and Finance Department operations, and assists the MD with company operation. A few months later, Dixon got another job at his current company as the Finance Manager, responsible for the entire overseas finance operation offices, which includes the control and audit, related reporting, accounting, asset evaluation, project financing, new business contracting, and many more. Because of the fact that he always displays great dedication and hard work, he was promoted as the General Accountant at the WUMING POLY Mining. He successfully manages and satisfies his position for almost 3 years now, as the one responsible for the overall finance operation of the WuMing offices.

Dixon Chen

Financial management is very important for any business at it encompasses more than balancing of business checking accounts and keeping of accurate book sets. Dixon Chen completely understands that financial management in order for the company not to overspend and will always be prepared for the entire expenditures and the profit distributions as well. The responsibilities in financial management affects the entire aspects of the business or company and Dixon Chen understands that even a company that sells or performs well, but has a poor financial management can still fail.

Dixon Chen managed to become successful in financial management because he completely understands the following, which are important aspects in financial division of a company:

• Capital Expenditures – Purchasing assets in order to create income. Your entire financial consideration of the capital expenditures should balance the total income the asset can product with the amount it cost. Managing capital expenditure will not overextend your company in borrowing too many assets that do not provide enough income in order to justify the expense.

• Operating Cash – it’s very important to manage the cash flow in order to have enough money to pay the entire expenses of the company. In order words, you need to look and see when your receivable accounts are due and then compare that to the outstanding due date bills.

• Lowering Expenses – one of the most important responsibility in financial management is to keep the cost low as much as possible. Ask the vendors to lower their prices, reduce the employee usage if possible, reduce the energy use, and always purchase the supplies in bulk.

• Tax Planning – Planning for taxes are also important in financial management. This involves ensuring cash on hand in order to pay the estimated payments on tax each quarter as well as timing the purchases of the major assets in order to receive the maximum benefits.